Construction QualityGood
total construction in sq ft2,200 sq ft
total construction cost2,640,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel369,600 Rs
Cement343,200 Rs
Bricks237,600 Rs
Stone132,000 Rs
Sand132,000 Rs
Water26,400 Rs
Excavation105,600 Rs
Labour for concrete211,200 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer )79,200 Rs
Shuttering & framework79,200 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation158,400 Rs
Electrical work132,000 Rs
Flooring132,000 Rs
Painting132,000 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate52,800 Rs
Other expances158,400 Rs

Major Costs of Construction in Bangalore

Are you planning to set up a residential complex in Bangalore? Well, be prepared to fall in love with the city of Bangalore. Bangalore, which was once a small town has grown into one of the most sought after cities to live and work in. It is one of the few cities in India, which has emerged as one of the most developed cities in all Asia.

It is true that the cost of construction in Bangalore comes under the global average and it has always been a factor for buyers. But the recent past and present trends have led to some positive changes. Now, you don’t have to worry about construction cost in Bangalore. There are several ways you can avail of lower cost of properties. Let us look into these factors and how architects and builders are planning to make your project cost in Bangalore much more reasonable.

The construction cost in Bangalore comes down mainly due to the lower labor cost and less material usage in comparison to any other place. This factor cannot be overlooked and builders and architects spend time on these factors. One good thing about Bangalore real estate is that it always comes with all the basic amenities and facilities one would normally expect from contemporary houses. The major construction cost in Bangalore therefore is hence easily manageable. And the icing on the cake is that you are able to get the very best deal on the market here. The below factors will reveal the hidden gem in Bangalore and it is your chance to grab it.

Once you have zeroed in on your dream property and have started scouting around to get the required permits, it is time to zero in on the right developer. An easy way to find the developer is by searching his name on the web hosting company’s website. If the developer has already won a number of contracts for projects, his website will give you details about his credentials. Most web hosting companies also have a portfolio section which will give you a detailed idea of the projects they have completed and their construction cost. While selecting the right developer, make sure that you are spending within your allocated budget.

There are various factors you need to consider while dealing with contractors. One key area that most people ignore is the labor charges. These charges form the biggest part of the overall construction cost and ignoring them can lead to a considerable loss of money. Using a construction cost calculator helps you to determine how much the labor costs will be. You can input various factors such as the square footage, construction materials, other structures required and labor charges and the result will be a clear picture of what you need to spend on this project.

While working with construction contractors, you should always remember to negotiate for reasonable prices and quality of work. Most contractors in India have set working charges which include the payment for the workers as well as the cost of the materials used in the construction.

This can often result in a disparity between the actual price and the quote given by the web hosting company. However, it is important to note that all contractors in India are regulated by government laws so there is no scope of any cheating by any company. The web hosting company may also ask for certain document to verify your ability to pay on time or may even demand extra payment for items such as construction documents.

Most of the construction cost in Bangalore are covered by various companies which cater to architects and developers. These companies provide services ranging from designing a new building to complete the remodeling of an old one. As architects and developers need to get contracts signed by various government authorities, their work requires special approval from these authorities before they start with the job. The cost of their services is paid for by the client at the time of completion.

There are various ways of measuring construction cost in Bangalore. The construction cost in Bangalore, which includes the cost of materials used in the project and the labor charged on the job by the architect or developer is known as the Site Area Index (SIA). The cost of construction in Bangalore, which includes the site area of the proposed building and the construction cost of the same as per the square footage is called the sqa. The construction cost in Bangalore, which includes the site area of the proposed building and the construction cost of the same as per the square footage and other amenities available in the surrounding area is known as the sea. The construction cost in Bangalore also includes various taxes such as customs duty, income tax and property tax, which are based on the location of the proposed office and the cost of property in that particular area.

Residential House Cost – Factors That Affect the Cost of Building an Apartment in Bangalore

Bangalore house construction cost depends upon many different factors. One has to calculate the cost of constructing a House accurately ahead of time so there would be no problem to begin the construction. The planning of the construction is very essential, because only then can the various activities that are required to be carried out with perfection. Planning is most essential, because it is at the time when various constructional works like bricklaying, foundation work, roofing, etc are done. So, it is quite imperative to have an accurate idea about the construction cost of your home and how much money you would need to spend.

Factors affecting the construction cost of your home include the number of floors, the area of the ground, the floor area (DMA) of each floor, the structure of the building, and its overall nature. There are certain assumptions that need to be kept in mind while making calculations. The current construction cost of houses is a little bit higher than that of other types of buildings, because they are usually built up on concrete slabs and bricks. On the other hand, the cost of constructing houses in other types of material is lower.

A major factor affecting the calculation of the house cost estimation is the layout of the house. One has to decide how many rooms and spaces would be included in the construction project. The architect also makes use of other factors like windows, doors, electricity, septic drainage system, etc while deciding the layout. The budget also depends upon how many rooms and spaces are included in the house. The architects give more weight to the layout of the building as compared to the price.

The factors that affect the construction of the residential house construction include the cost and the quality of the construction material used. The cost of the construction material is mainly based upon the standard of the raw material. If the standard rate is much lower than the price then the company will charge less amount of money for the construction. The construction of the residential building is always more expensive than that of the commercial or industrial construction.

Most of the Lacs and plots used for residential purpose come with different types of characteristics. The price of the plot depends upon its quality and the size of the plot. The size of the plot determines the number of floors available for the plot. Most of the plots have two to three floors. Such kind of plot requires fewer floors and therefore the construction cost is also cheaper than that of other types of plots. Bangalore house construction also includes plots such as RS and SMCs.

An apartment complex in Bangalore consists of different types of features, and therefore the cost of construction also varies. The size of the plot is also determined by the number of floors. Small plots required to accommodate three to five apartments can cost only fifteen to twenty-five lacs in the beginning. Once the plot has occupied five to ten apartments then it is considered a normal building and the construction cost goes up to thirty to fifty lacs per floor.

There are various other factors that determine the house construction costs. The size of the plot also depends on the number of rooms available for the residents to stay. The number of rooms determines the number of people who can be accommodated in the residential house. The average house construction rates for apartments are approximately three thousand lacs.

The price of residential houses is affected by several variables such as the design of the plot, size of plot, type of the building, and the location of the site where the building is to be built. The plot cost also depends on whether the building is going to be constructed on a concrete foundation or a brick-and-mortar foundation. Lastly, the size of the plot and the construction cost of the apartment will influence the residential house construction cost.

Per Square Foot House Construction Cost – What Every House Owner Should Understand

Bangalore per sqft house prices have escalated over the last few years. The exponential rise in the cost of constructing a single story home in Bangalore has become quite perplexing for most new homebuyers. It is not easy to find out why the cost of per sqft house has risen. But one of the most obvious factors that has driven up the cost of constructing single story homes in Bangalore is the excessive use of substandard materials in the building process. In this article, I will be taking a look at some factors that affect the construction cost of an average Bangalore house and how you can reduce the cost of constructing your home.

Most of the time, when we go for purchasing a home in Bangalore, we end up compromising on the quality of the material used for construction. This is because most of the builders in Bangalore use cheap materials in order to reduce their construction cost. But the quality of the construction material used for construction is more important than the cost. If your house is made of cheap materials, it will not last long and will be prone to frequent damages.

The most expensive part of a house is its construction cost. Houses in Bangalore generally cost between six thousand to ten thousand dollars. The higher the cost of construction, the higher the price of the house. There are many factors that affect the construction cost of your home.

The size of the floor plan of the home is one of the major determinants of the construction cost of a home in Bangalore. The size of the per sqft house refers to the area in which the construction is going to take place. The larger the area, the higher is the cost of constructing the home. If your home is built on a small plot, then you need to buy the land only to the extent that it can accommodate the house. Then the cost of the per sqft house in Bangalore also becomes higher.

The material cost of a building mainly comprises of bricks, tiles, concrete blocks, wood etc. The brick or the tiling cost depends upon the availability of the material at that particular time. The wood is mostly used in case of construction of per sqft houses. If you choose the wood on the basis of per sqft building, then the cost of the wood will be slightly higher than that of the raw material.

The insulation of a house largely affects the construction cost of a house. In many places, the insulation level of the building should be adequate to reduce the heating costs. If you have the required insulation level in the per sqft building, then you need not spend extra money on heating. Again, if the material is not available at that time, then the cost of construction will be higher. Again, if you make a mistake in insulation, you will have to spend extra money. Hence, you need to follow the guidelines of the state or the locality.

The last thing about the construction cost of a house is related to the labor costs involved in it. Usually, skilled labor is employed in the construction of per sqft houses. However, this rule may not be applicable everywhere. Again, if you are not able to find skilled manpower, then you need not to pay extra money. You can choose to employ simple people as your laborers.

 You need to have a proper calculation regarding the construction cost of the per unit. If you have a basic knowledge of construction, then you can easily make calculations. However, if you do not have the knowledge about the construction and the material costs involved in it, then it would be better for you to hire a professional architect or a construction planner. If you have done the construction of residential building before, then you must surely know about the material costs and the construction cost.