double story house construction cost

Construction QualityNormal
total construction in sq ft1,960 sq ft
total construction cost1,960,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel274,400 Rs
Cement254,800 Rs
Bricks176,400 Rs
Stone98,000 Rs
Sand98,000 Rs
Water19,600 Rs
Excavation78,400 Rs
Labour for concrete156,800 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer )58,800 Rs
Shuttering & framework58,800 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation117,600 Rs
Electrical work98,000 Rs
Flooring98,000 Rs
Painting98,000 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate39,200 Rs
Other expances117,600 Rs

Double Story House Construction Cost


Double story house construction cost is the total budget required for constructing a two-story home. Cost of a duplex home depends on the type of structure chosen and its location. The most expensive types of structures are those made of wood and those constructed with brick. Both cost more than aluminum and fiberglass.

Most modern construction projects use a steel frame construction to build homes. Cost of modern house construction depends mostly on the material chosen, the area of construction and the type of framing used. The cost of a double story house depends mostly on the framing chosen, the area of the duplex house and the type of roof used. Wood is used in the construction of a double storey house, while a duplex is built with brick on the top story and a steel frame on the lower story.


Steel construction makes the house lighter than most houses, but it requires more frequent finishing and can be susceptible to fire. Most modern homes use galvanized steel frames for houses, which are much more resistant to fire damage and last longer than wooden framed house. A lot of the cost of construction in a two story house is due to the use of labor and specialized equipment like plumbing and electric pipes.

The cost of a two-story house is usually higher than one story. The reason lies in the additional weight of the second floor, which requires extra support from the first floor. It also requires more labor to install the second floor, which costs more money. Double story house construction cost factors in the extra cost of electrical and plumbing work, which need to be done separately from other house construction costs.

Electrical work is required to provide hot water, as well as heat, in the house. You may need a boiler or electric-powered pump for hot water, and a separate electric pipe for the hot water system. You may also need an air conditioning unit in addition to central air conditioning system. Central air conditioning systems require piping, and electric pipes to carry the refrigerant gas to the different zones of the house, like the living area, sleeping area, family room, etc. Double story house requires extra plumbing and electric pipes to accommodate appliances.


The cost of building the house includes building cost, bricks, mortar, exterior surface, gravel, and soil excavations. The soil excavations are mostly utilized for the purpose of the foundation, as the soil density is higher at the site of the boundaries, as compared to that at the site of the building. When it comes to cost of exterior surfaces, the cost depends on the type of surface chosen, the quality of the surface, and the materials used in its construction. A ten Marla house cost can be approximately estimated based on the brick thickness, external wall thickness, brick type, size and design, and the location of the building.

There are three main materials that are utilized for the construction of houses: wood, concrete, and steel. All these materials have advantages and disadvantages. The most cost-effective material for building a house is wood. The wood can be built at lower costs when compared to other materials, but it takes longer time to mature. On the other hand, concrete is cost-effective, but it requires frequent maintenance, and if not done properly, it may not give a perfect look. Moreover, a concrete house takes longer time to strengthen than a wood house.

A ten Marla house requires two foundations till it is completely finished. These foundations are usually set on the land and constructed according to the local building codes. As mentioned earlier, there are various factors that determine the construction cost of a home. They are the local land and local building codes, cost of construction, and type of house, and many more. These factors are usually adjusted by building designers before construction starts.


Factors That Affect the Duplex House Construction Cost


Most people who have a duplex home construction in mind prefer choose double-level design and construction. The cost of building a duplex house with two floors is always less expensive compared to building a single-story house. And for this reason, many people are opting to build a duplex with two floors at a much lesser cost. However, it must be considered that a single-story house will come at a higher construction cost than duplexes with two floors.

Basically, the price of duplex house construction cost is determined on the basis of the lot area and the number of rooms. The greater the number of rooms, the higher would be the cost of constructing the house. In addition to that, the land plot also plays a major role in determining the duplex house construction cost. More so, the plot size can greatly affect the house plan.


Generally, homes built on a larger piece of land cost more. For a good example, if the land plot is 20 acres or more, you need to spend about half of the total cost for constructing a duplex house. If you choose to build a duplex house construction cost on a smaller piece of land, it will definitely cost less. So for a duplex house, always opt for a large piece of land rather than a small piece of land.

A single story duplex house can cost you up to several thousands of dollars for the construction. But when it comes to duplex house construction cost, you will never have to spend more than six thousand dollars as a set price. But before you purchase the land, it is essential that you do some research over the Internet. You may also find useful information when it comes to making an informed decision. Remember that building a home entails a lot of hard work and investment so be sure that you are prepared for all the money that you will be spending.


There are a number of house plans that you may look into if you want to build a duplex house. These include the single-story house plan, or the two-story house plan. But of course, you need to consider your preferences first before you decide which plan you will go with. For single-story duplex houses, you may use materials such as siding and wall paneling that can add elegance to the entire property. But if you prefer to have two-story duplex house plans, then you may use materials that are durable and easy to maintain. In addition, you need to think about the size of the house plan when it comes to the space you can allocate for the house plan.

The next thing that you should consider when you want to know the duplex house construction cost is the materials that you will be using. Even if you are planning to build a duplex house, you still need to choose the materials that you will be using because they are what makes up the building of your home. Some people may prefer aluminium and wood as their materials of choice. There are also people who prefer vinyl materials. Choose materials according to your preference because they are durable and can last for several years.

Another thing that you need to do is to properly check the construction site of the house you want to build. A well-built duplex house construction cost will never go unnoticed because a good construction site is one where there are no uneven or slope portions on the ground. The site should also be level and flat. You can also hire a contractor to inspect your land for you so that he can estimate how much time and effort it will take to finish building your home. Contractors are usually experienced in constructing homes of different sizes and this will make it easier for him to estimate the total period of time needed for the entire duplex house construction.

Lastly, you need to hire an architect if you want to have a nice looking duplex house. Keep in mind that an architect is someone who has studied for years in architecture, and he knows how to create buildings that are beautiful and functional at the same time. He is the person that you need when you are planning to build your own house because he knows how to plan the construction of your home based from the size that you need. Architects are expensive but if you want to be assured of a quality construction, you should always go for an experienced one.


How to Compare Duplex House Construction Cost


When it comes to duplex house construction cost, India is emerging as a preferred choice for builders from around the world. India is witnessing a rapid growth in the real estate sector and its property prices are also showing positive signs of improvement. More buyers are now opting for the multi-story houses from India as against the single story units.


The construction cost involved in building a duplex house could vary depending on the location of the property and the type of construction used. The location will also determine the extent of renovation that would be required after construction. So, it is advisable to obtain duplex house construction cost estimations before going in for the project. All this information can be gathered from various real estate agents or can be gathered online.

It is evident from the earlier paragraphs that India is emerging as a preferred choice for builders to construct a duplex house. The cost of building a duplex is considerably lower than a traditional multi-structure construction. A home or a duplex constructed in India costs only around 50% of what it would cost in the US or European countries. In fact, a number of construction companies in India have started offering custom-made designs to meet the requirements of various individuals. This is possible due to the fact that the Indian property market is experiencing a boom and the government is keen to make available affordable duplex home designs.


With the help of various real estate agents in India, you can easily find out details about duplex house construction cost. They will help you compare between various types of structures and their prices. Another good thing with using an agent to find information about duplex house construction cost is that they will be able to provide you accurate information and accurate price quotes. Some agents even provide you with free complimentary estimates. They also help you find out whether you need an advance permit or not. This will ensure that the construction process is not blocked at any cost.


There are a number of factors that affect the construction cost of a duplex house in India. One of these factors is the kind of construction material used. Duplex houses are generally made of wood, which is quite affordable compared to the cost involved in constructing a traditional house of similar type. Wood is also durable and long lasting compared to concrete and steel construction materials. The cost of natural wood also varies with the different varieties available in the market.


Another factor that greatly affects the construction cost of duplex houses in India is the location of the property. The prime location of a duplex house is usually the hub of activity in the city. This means that most of the people living here would want to have easy access to other public amenities. This is one of the main reasons why houses in prime locations in major cities like Gurgaon, Noida, Chandigarh and Mumbai are sold very quickly. Most of these houses are also located close to important business centres, shopping malls and other sources of revenue.

There are some factors that are outside the control of the buyer, but can be influenced by the seller. One such factor is the floor space. If your duplex is located in a smaller locality, say in the middle of a small town in India, the construction cost will obviously be much higher than if it is located in the swanky areas of New Delhi or the capital city of India. It is important to look at the area where the duplex is going to be built and try to get a house that fits well within its perimeter.

One last thing you should keep in mind while comparing duplex house construction cost in India is the time factor. The time factor simply means that it will take more time for the project to come up. Even if your project is done faster, you will end up paying more. Therefore, it is important to give yourself time to get everything in place, including getting permits from the local authorities, getting a building permit and planning for the various aspects of construction, like interior and exterior designing.