Construction Quality Normal
total construction in sq ft 1,050 sq ft
total construction cost 1,050,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel 147,000 Rs
Cement 136,500 Rs
Bricks 94,500 Rs
Stone 52,500 Rs
Sand 52,500 Rs
Water 10,500 Rs
Excavation 42,000 Rs
Labour for concrete 84,000 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer ) 31,500 Rs
Shuttering & framework 31,500 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation 63,000 Rs
Electrical work 52,500 Rs
Flooring 52,500 Rs
Painting 52,500 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate 21,000 Rs
Other expances 63,000 Rs 

How to Make a Good Research on Duplex House Plans

The construction cost of duplex homes largely depends on three principal factors – number of units, place, and quality of construction materials used for building. Usually, a duplex is constructed with one to four units. The cost of construction largely depends on land rent received monthly and the value of the plot area of construction built. Duplex construction houses are available in the market with wide varieties of designs.

Usually, a duplex house constructed in India is much higher than the normal price of similar houses in developed countries. In order to get a cheap house in India, you need to do extensive research. One must check out the real estate directory that is easily accessible on the internet. You will find numerous websites that provide details about the construction cost of various kinds of houses including duplex houses.

Indian residential building codes are far more stringent than those prevailing in developed countries. The local building codes of developing countries are flexible and are less prone to sudden changes in design. But, in India, the local building codes are more rigid and strict. In order to avoid having duplex houses with illegally-built structures, it is essential to check the validity of the current building code of your state before constructing any such houses. Doing proper research on construction cost of such houses can save you a lot of money.

When constructing these houses, there are two ways of going about it. Firstly, you can contact a contractor who will build the construction at your site by bulk paying him for the job. Second, you can get a ready-made house plan from any of the leading architects in your locality. Most of the architects offer free consultation over the phone. If you want to go traditional with your design, then you can get help of an Indian architect who has experience in building traditional homes. It is recommended that you contact him personally and discuss the entire construction cost with him.

A major concern that you need to consider while constructing this type of homes is the real estate license that you need from the local authorities. The real estate license forms are available online and you can download it within no time. There are two types of licenses available in India – the restricted license and the general license. You need to follow the rules and regulations of the said area for which the license is valid.

You may be looking for a cheaper option but cheap does not necessarily mean low quality. Finding cheap duplex house plans in India does not mean you have to compromise on the quality. There are many companies in India that offer high quality construction materials and construction plans at reasonable prices. You just need to do the required homework and research extensively on the company you select. Compare the prices of various companies so that you can select the best one.

Building houses requires a lot of planning and coordination with architects and contractors. You need to hire professionals who are highly qualified and skilled in this field. If you want to save your money in making houses in India, it is a good idea to go through various house plan options available in the market. These house plans are designed by experienced and qualified professionals who know all about the construction costs and construction materials in different parts of India.

In the recent years, the housing boom in India has created a massive demand for low cost homes and this has increased the competition in the construction market. This has led to further developments and improvements in the designing and construction techniques of houses. You can get complete information and assistance on home construction from leading developers and construction companies in India.

What You Should Know About Indian Duplex House Cost Of Construction

Indian duplex construction cost of construction depends upon the type of duplex chosen. A duplex is basically a home consisting of two units and hence the cost associated with building one such duplex increases significantly. The cost of construction is dependent upon various factors which include the size of the duplex, the number of units to be constructed, the material to be used for constructing the units and the quality of workmanship. The cost of construction of duplex houses in India depends on factors like the location of construction, the kind of materials to be used and the quality of labor available. Location of the construction is important in New Delhi as the work has to pass through many obstacles like dense city air, unlawful constructions, and other problems. In some cases, the distance between two cities may become an issue and this may result in reduction of the overall cost of construction.

The cost of construction of a duplex house is based upon factors like type of materials to be used, size of the duplex, location, and quality of construction workmanship. The size of the duplex is decided by the number of rooms that are to be constructed. The rooms are generally arranged in two groups, with one group located in front of the main door and the other group located behind it. The cost of duplex house construction is also determined by the type of material to be used. The materials include brick, cement, wood, steel, and glass.

The cost of construction depends on the quality of workmanship available for construction of the duplex. The better the quality of construction of the duplex house, the more it will cost. The cost of construction also depends on the kind of material to be used in building the duplex. The most commonly used materials in Indian duplex house construction are brick and concrete. These materials cost less than wood, metal, and glass.

The cost of construction of duplex house depends on whether the house will be located in an urban or rural setting. The urban setting of the duplex house usually involves the use of advanced technology and needs advanced construction techniques and skills. On the other hand, rural setting of the duplex house means the use of simple and indigenous materials, which are cheaper. In case of an urban setting, cost-effective construction techniques are required for buildings of lesser height, mass, durability, and fire resistance.

The final cost of construction of duplex house will depend on the area of construction, including the extent of use of technology and techniques, and materials used. The size and use of windows and doors determine the extent of use of modern technology. For instance, in a duplex with two rooms,

the cost will be double for opening the doors. However, in an urban setting, where the technology is less and simple indigenous materials are used, the cost will be reduced.

The cost of construction of duplex house depends on whether you will be using traditional building methods, or modern technology. Indian construction industry has been progressing rapidly due to the advance technology and construction methods. Today, most of the building projects in India are done on indigenous materials. The cost of construction of a duplex house will depend on its location.

The location of the construction is one of the primary factors determining the cost of construction of a duplex house. The area of construction needs to cover the necessary ground surface and provide adequate ventilation and lighting to the building. The cost of construction of duplex house therefore largely depends on factors like the land area available for construction, and the soil and rocks available for construction of the house. Another factor that determines the cost of construction of duplex house is the architectural design and features of the construction. The land and the building materials are chosen depending on the best and latest designs available. The cost of construction of a duplex house therefore mainly depends on factors like land area and the soil and rocks available for construction.

The cost of construction of a duplex house can also be influenced by the local and federal laws applicable in the area. Some states in India have special laws to help the cost of construction of a duplex house. Duplex construction is becoming very popular in India with many builders offering cheap construction options. Therefore finding a right builder can actually prove to be beneficial. With a little research and planning your project can become affordable.

Factors Affecting Indian Cost Construction Cost

The Indian cost of building a house is relatively lower compared to cost of construction in Western countries like the US, UK, and Australia. Indian house cost depends upon many factors like the availability of land, building permits and the like. Usually, the time taken for building a house in India is comparatively less than that of construction in the West. Therefore, the Indian construction cost cannot be compared with the cost of building a similar house in the West.

The land available in India is generally cheap and you can avail a plot without any hassles. There is no minimum requirement of construction permissions so you can build your house without any hassles. The land purchased from a builder in India normally does not attract any extra cost. On the contrary, you will have to pay an additional sum for getting the plot excavated. Indian house construction cost also includes a lot of indirect costs like the transport cost involved in transporting materials to the construction site and the cost of bringing the raw material to the site.

As far as the material is concerned, the cost factor includes various types of material like steel, cement, sandstone, bricks, timber, etc. Various materials are used for construction of a house and cost varies depending upon the cost of each type of material. You may find builders who quote a price based upon the type of material purchased. If the site does not have a lot of natural light, solar light can be used for lighting purpose in the house. This would further add to the cost.

In some cases, if the soil is not suitable for construction of a house, it can be determined by checking the availability of raw material at the site. Construction cost for an unfinished house or a building may be high as compared to a house which has already been constructed. So, the available raw material would determine the construction cost.

If the land where you are planning to construct your house is located close to a railway line, it may add to the construction cost. The distance between the railway station and the site of your house determines the expenditure involved in the construction. If you do not want any connection with the outside world, the cost construction cost would also be less.

The Indian Government has specific rules regarding the construction of houses. The construction cost for such houses is usually less than that of a house in developed countries. The Government has different sets of rules for housing areas and townships and different rules for different types of buildings. Therefore, the Indian Government regulates the construction cost of different types of buildings.

Before constructing a house, you should make a research about the cost construction cost. If you are aware of the cost construction cost, you would be able to choose the type of house that fits your pocket. You can also check out the neighborhood in which you are going to build your house. The cost of property in the neighborhood may be less than that of your planned house.

In this way, you can save a lot of your hard earned money. It is always advisable to buy the land from a reputed builder or a developer. The developer or the builder will help you in every step of construction and the entire cost construction cost. As a result, you would be able to reap rich dividends.

The construction cost of the Indian house depends upon the location of the building as well as the locality. There are various factors like the land availability, the drainage facilities, the population, the climatic conditions, the accessibility of water, the proximity to the markets, the connectivity and many other such things that influence the cost construction cost. The houses that come up at the right area and the at the right time of the year would obviously cost lesser than the ones that are not built in the right manner. If the land you have is suitable, you can even find the required materials at a throw away price. This way you can reduce the cost construction of your house.

Another important thing to keep in mind is the mindset. You should keep in mind that only through proper planning can you increase the chances of your house being built on time and within the budget. Planning is a very essential part of any construction process. Even if you plan a perfect house, you may have to make some changes along the way. If the land is not suitable for building a house, you will not be able to complete the construction on time. Thus, the Indian cost construction costs are affected by various factors and it is only with proper planning and changes that you can bring down the cost.

Even if you plan the construction of your house keeping in mind all the above factors, you may still find that it is much cheaper to buy a ready-made house than to build your house from scratch. However, if you do decide to go for a ready made house, make sure that the material is available and that it is of good quality. Cheap materials may create problems in the long run and this may actually cost you more. A cost construction cost estimate can help you make better decisions regarding your house construction and can guide you to get the house at the right location at the right price.