Construction Quality Good
total construction in sq ft 3,600 sq ft
total construction cost 4,320,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel 604,800 Rs
Cement 561,600 Rs
Bricks 388,800 Rs
Stone 216,000 Rs
Sand 216,000 Rs
Water 43,200 Rs
Excavation 172,800 Rs
Labour for concrete 345,600 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer ) 129,600 Rs
Shuttering & framework 129,600 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation 259,200 Rs
Electrical work 216,000 Rs
Flooring 216,000 Rs
Painting 216,000 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate 86,400 Rs
Other expances 259,200 Rs

Construction Tips to Help You Save Money During House Construction

Indian house building cost has been on a rise, and with the global economic crisis, it has been very hard for the Indian builders to meet this increasing cost of house construction in the country. The main reason behind this high cost is the rising demand for housing. The real estate market in India has witnessed phenomenal growth over the past few years. However, the rising cost of housing in India has made it a very challenging task for the builders to meet the needs of the people.

The cost of house construction in India depends on different factors. The main factor affecting the cost is the quality of the construction material. The cost also depends on the working and management costs involved in the project. There are several online calculators available on the internet that you can refer to for an approximate idea about the cost of the construction. Another important factor affecting the cost of home construction in India is the availability of raw materials at the location where the project is located.

One such online tool that you can use to find the cost of house construction in India is the Cement Calculator. This online tool is a simple and easy to use Indian house construction calculator that estimates the cost of various construction tasks, including concrete, brick, tile, marble, and other building materials. All you need to do is input the details about the type of building material, number of floors, and the quantity of each material. For example, you need to know the amount of cement that you need per floor of your house. Then the output will be the number of cement tablets or cement mixes that you need to purchase.

Once you have entered all the required data, it will generate the result of the required cement mix for your project. The resulting information includes the amount of lime in the cement mix, the density of the cement mix as well as the weight of the cement mix. These figures are essential for any project that requires a large volume of cement. Then the estimated amount of the labor cost and the total cost for the project will be displayed. The remaining total is the estimated value of the house. You can easily see the difference between the estimate and the final cost generated by the cement calculator.

Another tool for estimation of the house construction cost in India is the Cement Cost Estimator. This online tool was developed by ICF International to assist customers worldwide in understanding the true cost of cement for house construction. It uses real-life figures from leading cement manufacturers and distributors so that the customer can easily understand the true cost and the cement mix that will be required for the project. The calculator also gives you other house construction tips that will help you in your house construction project.

The first of these house construction tips includes using the wrong kind of cement for your project. The type of cement and the density of this cement will determine the costs. If you use too much cement or if it is not dense enough for the house construction cost in India will be much higher. The result of using the wrong kind of cement will also be very unfavorable. So you need to use the right type of cement for your project.

House construction tips number two is that you should only choose a cement company that has enough experience and expertise in the industry of house construction. A company that has built houses on time and on budget is more likely to save you money as well as provide quality work. You should therefore choose a company that has a good reputation. The third construction tips that will help you in saving money is that you should always go for a house-building project that has the support of an experienced architect and a contractor. You should always choose a contractor and architect, who are both familiar with the nature of your project.

The fourth of these house construction tips includes using concrete forms instead of using any other material for masonry purposes. This is because concrete forms allow you to create a perfect mold of your house without using other materials such as clay, sponge, or any other natural material. A concrete form is also better because it is very durable and you will have better long term durability of your cement rendering. It is better to use a cement rendering with the help of a concrete form.

How to Reduce Indian House Construction Cost

Indian house building cost is much cheaper than the cost of house construction in USA. In India, the construction cost is much less because of less labour cost and land availability. The cost of building a house in India is much lesser than that of USA. But the major factor influencing the cost of construction of houses in India is the government policy.

Governmental policies are one of the major factors which influence the cost of construction of a house in India. Policy-related factors like the availability of land, minimum infrastructure, standard of construction, and safety measures all contribute towards the low cost of construction. On the contrary, in the USA, the cost of construction is much higher due to the absence of any policy related factors. Besides, the government of India has always planned the construction of houses in a proper way and has fixed the maximum cost of house construction.

Minimum infrastructure available in India discourages the builders from building more houses. Infrastructure availability refers to the facilities available in a place such as electricity, roads, drainage system, etc. Whereas in United States, house construction cost per square foot is much higher because it has many fewer amenities. Also the drainage system and roads in India are not that good, so the house will require more amount of work and will cost more money.

Standard of construction is another important factor which determines the cost of construction of a house. Usually the cheapest house construction in India is that of bamboo. Bamboo is cheap because of its sustainability and it can be easily constructed on an affordable scale. However, it cannot be said that bamboo is the best construction material for Indian house construction cost as other materials are also used such as concrete and steel.

Besides these there are a few factors affecting the cost of construction. The land availability is one factor that will influence the house construction cost. If the land available for construction is less, then the cost of the house will also be less. However, if you build a house on a highly urbanized area, the cost will be very high as compared to a house located in a rural area.

Another factor that will affect the cost of house construction is the land and the area over which the construction will be done. Constructions in coastal areas will be more costly than house construction cost in other places. Even the climatic conditions also play a crucial role in the cost of house construction in India.

There are many factors that will also contribute to the cost of construction. Like the number of rooms in the house, the materials required for construction, the design of the house, the area of the construction, etc. A correct analysis of all these factors will help the builder to come out with the right cost of construction. It will also help him to get the maximum customers in the market. One of the best ways to know about the cost of construction is to check with a builder in your locality. A good builder will definitely give you an exact figure after estimating the entire cost of construction.

It is advisable to go for a franchise house builder. This will surely help you to reduce the cost of construction. However, you should do a lot of research to find out a good builder in India. With the right planning and approach you can surely make your dream a reality.

The Indian housing sector has experienced rapid growth and the demand for new houses is increasing day by day. The cost of building a new house is very high in India. Therefore, the Indian house construction cost is also much higher than that of an average house construction cost.

The most significant factor in reducing the cost of construction is using efficient and innovative methods in building houses. Today, it is possible to use advanced techniques and methods which are used in advanced countries like US and England. If an expert architect is consulted, then the cost of the project can be reduced by quite a lot. The professionals who are skilled and trained in the field can easily bring down the cost of the project by using modern techniques and methods. You just need to contact them and discuss your requirements for the house construction cost with them.

You can also save a lot of money if you purchase an affordable building plan from a reputed building company. The experts of the company will make sure that you get an affordable house construction cost without compromising on the quality of the structure. A cheap plan may not last for long as the quality of the building material may go lower over time. This is why you should always buy a plan from a renowned company. Once you have made all the right decisions and are in a position to purchase a reliable building plan, then you will be able to build a durable and strong house.

How to Calculate the Cost of an Indian Duplex House

Indian duplex house construction cost is a way of calculating the cost of building two dwellings that are known as – residential house and commercial duplex. Duplex means two properties joined together. Two such properties can be constructed simultaneously at comparatively less rates as compared to single duplex housing. This article provides some tips on using cost calculator for construction of duplex houses in India.

There are several factors that need to be kept in mind while constructing a duplex housing. Two most important factors are the number of rooms and the type of construction. You have to keep the number of rooms at least four to enable you to calculate the cost of making two single story homes. Constructing a duplex with additional level or third floor is also an expensive affair, you should calculate the cost for this separately.

You will require two builders for the construction of double floor house. One builder will be required for building single story house and another for building double story house. In this way, you can calculate the cost separately for both the tasks. You can find the rates for making a single storey and double storey duplex online. If you want to make calculations for construction of duplex for commercial purpose, then you need to buy land for it separately from the concerned government authority.

The procedure of building a duplex housing is almost similar to any other type of construction. Before starting with the construction, you will have to prepare the ground plan. The cost of making a house is mostly affected by some factors. Factors like land plot size and design play a major role in making the project costlier or cheaper. These two things affect the cost of home construction in India. You should always check the localities that you are going to select for the construction of the duplex.

The location plays a great role in getting the best results for building duplex houses. You must also make sure that you contact an architect for getting the best results for the construction of the duplex house. The architect will help you get the best construction for your house. You can also check the online sites for getting the most affordable rates for the building of the duplex.

The cost of the construction of the duplex will also be affected by the material and labor involved in the project. If you are interested in saving the money for making the home for your family, then you should hire an architect and designer who will design the best houses in the city according to your choice. You can also seek advice from home manufacturers for getting the best construction for your house.

Before starting the construction of the duplex, you should also estimate the cost of renovation that will be required for building the duplex. This is because the renovation of the property can also increase the cost of the project. If you have the required budget, you can check the online websites for finding the price of the renovations. The renovation of the property will also include other accessories that will be required for the building of the duplex. These other accessories will be purchased at the time of construction of the duplex.

The other factor that will affect the construction cost calculator for Indian duplex house is the size of the duplex. This size of the duplex will be largely determined by the size of the house that you are constructing. The construction cost calculator for the Indian duplex must be accurate so that you can construct the best duplex that will suit your needs. If you are able to calculate the construction cost correctly then you will be able to save lots of money on the construction of the home for your family.