Construction QualityGood
total construction in sq ft2,030 sq ft
total construction cost2,436,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel341,040 Rs
Cement316,680 Rs
Bricks219,240 Rs
Stone121,800 Rs
Sand121,800 Rs
Water24,360 Rs
Excavation97,440 Rs
Labour for concrete194,880 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer )73,080 Rs
Shuttering & framework73,080 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation146,160 Rs
Electrical work121,800 Rs
Flooring121,800 Rs
Painting121,800 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate48,720 Rs
Other expances146,160 Rs

How to Reduce the Construction Cost

A lot of factors come into play when calculating a house construction cost in Bangalore. Some of these factors include the location of the house, its size and age and the material used to build it. The cost of building a house from scratch is figured out by dividing the expected cost of building the house (including its construction costs) by the total square footage of the house measured. There are essentially two kinds of house construction cost in Bangalore listed and unlisted house construction cost in Bangalore. Let us see what these factors are.

The unlisted construction cost in Bangalore is the cost inclusive of expenses for finishing floors, walls, roofing, doors, and windows. These finishes are called pre-requisite finishes. The price of these finishes are inclusive of material costs and labor costs. The price of finishing labor is also inclusive of other miscellaneous expenses. The price of floors is mostly a factor in determining the overall cost of construction.

To determine the construction cost, one can use a construction cost calculator which can be found online. These calculators do not assume any expenses for special items like survey charges, architect, and builder’s fees etc. the only expense assumed is salary to the architect, who estimates the cost of floor plans. This is how the construction cost calculator works. Once the cost is calculated, all material and labor costs can be computed using the cost calculator.

On an average, the architects in Bangalore charge approximately 10% of the construction budget. This is mainly because architects charge per square foot instead of charging per square meter. So if an architect is charging approximately one hundred dollars per square meter of floor space, and you are constructing a five by ten feet rooms, then you will need to hire three architects to complete the construction.

The rate at which an architect in Bangalore varies is largely dependent on the complexity of the construction. So it is best to contact architects in your area before construction commences. If you live in Bangalore, there are many architects who you can contact to discuss the construction costs. You can also visit their websites and obtain quotes.

On an average, house construction cost in Bangalore is about three thousand six hundred dollars per ft. This includes the building cost as well as the per floor cost. Most of the six hundred dollar mark is occupied by the retail space. The retail space includes the furnishing of the rooms. The material costs in the construction cost are dependent on the material type, the number of rooms, the number of beds and bathrooms, and other factors.

Another factor affecting the cost of construction costs is the state of the ground. This is one factor which affects the construction costs immensely. A lot depends on the quality of soil, whether the soil is soft or hard, and the quality of the foundation. There are certain kinds of soil, which require a lot of maintenance. It is therefore recommended that you contact architects in Bangalore to know about the cost and the maintenance required.

Before contacting any architect, ensure that you know about the total area required for construction. The total floor space including the open area should be taken into consideration during calculations. The architects in Bangalore use the cost matrix method to determine the cost. This method involves the construction cost, the labor cost, and the rest of the things needed for the construction like the concrete and other materials, the brick or tile pavers, electrical works, heating and air conditioning, septic works, plumbing, electrical fencing and many more things.

How to Bring Down Your House Per Square Foot Construction Cost

When you come to know about the per square foot (P sqft) construction cost of various properties in Bangalore, you will certainly find that houses and plots here are more expensive as compared to other types of buildings. But the nature of the property here is such that it comes at a very cheap price. There are many factors which influence the construction cost of a house. Some of these are construction material cost, size of plot, building clearance cost and government policies.

Among these factors, size of the plot is the most important factor in influencing the construction cost of a house. The area of plot determines the type of building structure required. As the plot is the major feature of a plot, the cost of the house will also be based upon the plot area. The next factor which is mostly ignored by us is building clearance cost. But construction clearance cost does have an impact on construction cost of the house.

If you look closely into the prevailing trend of the house construction industry, you will realize that nowadays builders prefer getting the plots with a minimum construction cost. This is mainly because they face fewer risks in case of default construction. Hence builders find it cheaper to get a minimum construction cost rather than opting for riskier methods of construction like fly-building. But this need not mean that you should compromise with construction cost. Instead it makes sense to select a site that falls within your budget to avoid having to incur any unnecessary cost.

The construction cost of plots in Bangalore depends on many factors. The foremost factor which is most ignored by us is sunlight exposure. If you are living in a place where the sunlight shines directly on the plot for a long time every day, you will definitely feel the impact of increased construction cost. This is because the cost of installing solar panels and other energy efficient equipment becomes higher.

The plot area also determines the construction cost. A plot having an irregular shape and dimensions is obviously going to cost more than a similar sized plot with proper measurements. The land outside your house is another factor which can influence the construction cost of your house. The area of the plot is the determinant factor for the cost of landscaping. If you are planning to construct your house on a small plot, then you can opt for smaller-sized houses.

If you are planning to construct your house per square feet, then you have to be extra cautious about the plot area. You cannot keep expanding your house if you do not have the required space to accommodate the growth. So make sure that the available area in your plot is greater than the

required one so that there is no possibility of house overcrowding. It has been observed that most of the required space is not added onto the plot because people think that they have enough space to add on.

The construction cost also depends upon various other factors. If the soil is fertile, then the cost of a house per square feet will obviously be less than that of a plot with poor soil. If you plan to construct your house on a hill top, then the construction cost goes high because the soil gets extremely hard when it is dry. So if you are constructing a house per square foot, then always check whether the soil is soft or not.

You can also save your construction cost by using simple materials which are easy to find. Try using wood as the major material instead of aluminum or steel. Try building your house on a slope instead of a flat place. This will definitely help you in saving some money. Also, you need to find out what sort of construction insurance is required for you to ensure the safety of your house. Thus these are some of the ways in which you can bring down your construction cost and improve the quality of construction work.

Factors Affecting Your House Construction Cost in Bangalore

If you’re planning to construct a Duplex house from scratch? Then you should first understand what are the current Duplex house construction cost in Bangalore, India. This Duplex house construction cost calculation tool is an easy to use tool that gives you the expected cost of construction of your ideal home in Bangalore, India. This tool has been designed specifically to help home buyers and construction companies planning to set up a new house in Bangalore, India.

As the name suggests, the application has a module divided into two sections. The first section contains the raw material costs such as steel, aluminum etc., while the second section contains the service’s cost for the architect, engineers, and contractors. This module provides you the square footage of the proposed house design such as number of rooms, number of bathrooms, garage, outdoor space etc. It also provides you the estimated time required to construct the building from scratch. The square footage and the time required calculations are based on the type of house design you have chosen.

There are several factors considered when presenting the cost of construction. One of the factors is the raw material costs. These include the price of raw materials such as steel, aluminum etc., and the manufacturer’s markup etc. A house design with similar raw material cost can be offered at a lower price from manufacturers if they agree to waive some of their profits. This means that you can actually get a cheaper house design at cheaper construction costs.

Other factors that affect the construction cost are the amount of labor force required for installing the equipment and the amount of equipment used. These factors are not included in the price quoted by architects. To calculate the cost of flooring in Bangalore, you need to add the price of labor as well as the manufacturer’s profit after taking into account the warranty of the flooring and installation of the machinery. The construction cost calculator can help you calculate these factors accurately.

You need to consider various factors before you hire an architect to work on your property. Most of the time, it is better to make your decision after consulting an architect who is familiar with your

requirements. The prime factor that an architect will consider is your budget. Your budget is the most important factor that will determine the size of the construction project and the kind of labor force needed.

Other factors that will affect the cost of the construction will be the land ownership of the person and the proximity of the construction site to the area of operation of the person. These factors are known as the demand and supply factors. The location of the architect’s office plays a vital role in determining the cost of the project. This factor has three components namely, the supply chain cost, service, and demand. The construction cost of Bangalore is approximately 25% less than the cost of building one house per square meter.

The area where the construction is to take place will also determine the cost of construction. The total flooring cost will be divided by the number of floors, which will include the basement and the attic. It will be based on these calculations that you come up with your final cost. There are factors such as the design and aesthetics, which will have an impact on the overall cost of a project.

On the whole, it is essential to understand the factors that will affect the cost of a house. This will help you avoid making the mistake of underestimating the required amount. Hiring an architect or a construction company with an accurate estimation of the required cost is one of the best options. This will help you get the best results in terms of quality and cost.