duplex house construction cost in bangalore 34×37

Construction QualityNormal
total construction in sq ft2,516 sq ft
total construction cost2,516,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel352,240 Rs
Cement327,080 Rs
Bricks226,440 Rs
Stone125,800 Rs
Sand125,800 Rs
Water25,160 Rs
Excavation100,640 Rs
Labour for concrete201,280 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer )75,480 Rs
Shuttering & framework75,480 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation150,960 Rs
Electrical work125,800 Rs
Flooring125,800 Rs
Painting125,800 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate50,320 Rs
Other expances150,960 Rs

 Duplex House Construction Cost in Bangalore

The cost of duplex house construction in Bangalore is almost the same as that of conventional construction and with an average home sale cost in Bangalore as six thousand dollars per square meter, a low cost home is not difficult to find in India. A duplex house in Bangalore is like a modern single story home that has two or more bedrooms and kitchen on the first floor. There are many reasons why a buyer may look at opting for a duplex house construction in Bangalore. These include the fact that there are many good schools in Bangalore like KGA College, St. Thomas Cathedral, St. George’s College and St. John’s College among others. Also the housing prices in Bangalore have gone up recently. If you are considering getting a residential unit in Bangalore, the construction cost and the land costs are a few factors you need to keep in mind when purchasing a duplex house.

The first factor, for which you should be concerned while getting a duplex house constructed in Bangalore is the construction cost. The cost depends on several factors, like whether it is a new construction or a conversion from an existing structure. The cost of building the duplex house in Bangalore also depends on the type of building you select. Whether you want a single story house or a double story house, construction cost in Bangalore is going to vary.

You can purchase plots of land along with the house for construction at a price slightly lower than that of traditional construction. But be careful about the condition of the plot. If the plot has damages or is in a bad condition, then the construction cost will be high. Also the location of the construction site is an important consideration in this regard.

If the plot is near the airport, then there is a high chance that the construction cost of the duplex house will be high. The area should be in a convenient location for the commercial activities located near the area. If there are any large malls around, then the rent for such a duplex house will be high. For a better deal, the buyer can look out for developers who offer cheaper rentals.

The area of the duplex house plays a big role in determining the cost of construction. For example, if the land is located close to the airport, then the rent for the duplex house will be higher. The construction cost for a duplex house can also be high where there is no direct access to the road. Such a duplex house will require a considerable amount of construction costs.

The construction cost is not the only factor that affects the overall cost of a house. There are many other issues that come into play during the construction. For example, if the developer requires a large sum of money for lease back, the developer may opt to renovate the entire building and reschedule the rent. This way, there will be no interruption in the regular source of income for the homeowner. The new rent would be lower than the earlier.

Another factor that affects the cost is whether the homeowner plans to stay in the property for the long term. Even if one plans to buy a duplex house in Bangalore in the future, he or she should check out the plan before finalizing the deal. Some houses might be more affordable under the current plan than under the long-term plan. If there is any significant change to the plan, then this could make the house considerably expensive. It is important to do proper research so as to avoid problems later on. The planning should be done with the assistance of an expert before finalizing the plan.

When buying a duplex house in Bangalore, buyers have to consider many factors before they finalize the deal. The most important thing is that the house should fit the needs and lifestyle of the buyer. Most importantly, the buyers have to verify whether the proposed building is affordable under the prevailing scheme of things. The right kind of planning can help you get a great duplex house in Bangalore at affordable rates.

Build a Double Wide Duplex – Is it Cost Effective?

Are you looking to build a duplex house in Bangalore? Most probably, you have come to the right place as this article is written for you to get the most accurate information on the subject. What you need to understand first is that building a duplex house will cost you more than building a single story house. So, if you are willing to invest some money into such an investment, I suggest that you look at various options available like – building a single story house with the assistance of a developer, building a duplex house and finally building a duplex house in Bangalore using the most cost-effective method – double story construction cost.

A duplex plan has many advantages over the normal plans. For starters, it allows the developer to exploit the area to its maximum potential by building more rooms on the same plot of land. But the biggest advantage of a duplex plan is that it can be easily constructed on a very tight budget. It is because of the fact that the developer does not have to bear the extra expenditure of building extra rooms. Rather, all that he needs to do is to add an extra room onto his existing duplex.

Double story construction cost in Bangalore is considerably more expensive than the single-story plan. The reason behind this is that a duplex requires construction cost as well as land costs. However, the good thing with duplex plans is that it is easy to construct on a smaller scale and will only require a minimum amount of land. However, this can easily be said of a single story home construction cost in Bangalore as well. This is because in case of multi-structure buildings, additional construction costs have to be borne by the developer.


A duplex house plan is a good option for those who wish to construct their home at a cheaper rate. However, the builder has to provide extra assistance to the owner in case of any difficulty. As an owner, you would also have to spend extra money in maintaining and repairing your duplex house. These factors make it impossible for the owners to build their home for a lower cost.

However, a developer who plans to build a single story house on a property has an opportunity to reduce the construction cost. The cost depends on factors such as the site where the building is to be constructed, the quality of materials used, the construction costs and many other factors. All these factors have to be considered while calculating the building plan.

To reduce the construction cost, the developer may consider constructing his duplex in a single building site instead of the traditional two story site. This would allow him to reduce the cost of materials as well as labour force. It would also enable him to use the site for other commercial purposes. In addition to this, developers may look into the possibility of combining both the single-family and duplex units in a single duplex house. This will not only reduce the cost but also help in generating more revenue.

Developers may also look into reducing the size of the duplex in the building plan. A smaller duplex unit will enable the owner to save money on utilities while maintaining the convenience of living in a large house. On the other hand, if a developer intends to increase the size of the duplex, it will increase the price of the house too.

The building cost of a duplex house can be reduced by changing the plan or design. There are developers who offer their clients’ designs and plans to cut down the cost. You have the option of requesting architects to create a customized design for your duplex house. The architects can help you in creating a plan that will not only help you get a cheaper but also an efficient duplex house.

Select a Single Story Construction Home at the Best Price

Double story construction in Bangalore comes with two story units and usually has the same amenities as a single story construction. So, the basic cost of double story homes constructed in Bangalore is almost the same as other types of homes construction cost. Two story homes provide more living space to the residents than single story homes and they also have the added advantage of having additional facilities and rooms. If your lifestyle involves a lot of guests at home and you need additional bedrooms then the two-story homes will be a perfect choice for your family.

The main factors influencing the cost of the double story construction cost in Bangalore include the type of materials used, construction methods, size and designs of the rooms and other features. Two story duplex homes are among the most popular types of homes constructed in Bangalore and the cost is lower than single story duplex houses. Another factor that reduces the construction cost of the double storey duplex house in Bangalore is if it is being designed by an architect who has already done other similar projects. The architect can use the existing design for the duplex house and the cost will be reduced. Other factors such as the location of the construction site and the amount of land available for building also affect the construction cost.

If you are looking forward to constructing a single story duplex in Bangalore then you have to expect that the construction cost will be slightly higher than that of double story construction cost in Bangalore. The reason for this is that constructing single story homes requires additional features such as wider hallways, bigger windows, wider doors, and better electrical wiring. You may have to negotiate for these features if you do not want to spend extra for them. It is also important to negotiate for a better construction cost because the final cost of your project depends on how much extra features you will add in.

As compared to the standard single story duplex house, the cost of construction in Bangalore for a duplex house in the city is lower. This is because the construction cost for duplex houses in Bangalore is based on the measurement of land rather than the area of the property. The land measurement is taken after completion of the building foundation, while the area of the property is considered after completion of all the fixtures and finishing work. Double story construction cost in Bangalore is higher when compared with the standard duplex house because it includes upper story amenities.

For a normal duplex house, the construction cost will be based on the measurement of the space required. The size of the duplex house that you will get will depend upon the seller’s decision. For instance, if you are getting duplex house from a builder, then he will give you a copy of the measurement of the property and let you know of any changes that he has made. You can also negotiate for better construction costs if you feel that the price given by the seller is not correct. But if you want to buy a standard duplex house and you find that the seller has changed the dimensions, then you can think about buying the home from another seller.

Double story construction cost in Bangalore also depends upon the type of floors that you would be getting. For instance, concrete floors cost less than wooden or ceramic floors. This is because concrete cannot be damaged like other materials. Other construction materials may also cost less like brick, bricklayers, labor, and material costs.

Single story construction cost in Bangalore is always higher than that of the double story construction cost. The reason is that when you have a double story, then the construction cost includes the cost of the concrete flooring. Also, there is the additional cost of the electrical wiring, plumbing, and cooling systems. But if you choose a single story, then the cost of the construction cost will definitely be lower.

So, these are the factors that you need to consider when buying a home. Before selecting the house, you need to do proper research. You should calculate the exact amount of construction cost that your new home will cost and then only should you buy it. It is also very important that you choose a reputed builder for construction costs in Bangalore so that you don’t have to worry about any construction cost problems.