Construction QualityNormal
total construction in sq ft 1,800 sq ft
total construction cost 1,800,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel 252,000 Rs
Cement 234,000 Rs
Bricks 162,000 Rs
Stone 90,000 Rs
Sand 90,000 Rs
Water 18,000 Rs
Excavation 72,000 Rs
Labour for concrete 144,000 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer ) 54,000 Rs
Shuttering & framework 54,000 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation 108,000 Rs
Electrical work 90,000 Rs
Flooring 90,000 Rs
Painting 90,000 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate 36,000 Rs
Other expances 108,000 Rs 

Low Cost House Construction by Building Prefabricated Staircases System

Planning for low cost house construction is definitely one of the things a savvy investor should know. The key is to use your resources wisely and efficiently. The truth is that low cost house construction is done mainly by effective management and proper planning of resources. In this article, bring to you the best low cost house construction methods that you can use today in constructing your dream house.

Concrete blocks are the cheapest form of housing construction material available today. With this in mind, you must learn the best ways of how to maximize the concrete blocks to build your house. You can learn from people who have built houses with concrete blocks as their primary construction material. Their experiences and advices will surely help you in realizing your dreams of having a nice and durable home for your family.

If you belong to a tight building envelope but are interested in achieving a low cost house construction, concrete blocks may not be the right choice for you. In general, these houses are more expensive than other housing types because of the materials used. Aside from the cost, the quality of construction is also not as good as other low-cost house construction. But there are some ways on how you can achieve a good and durable house that is made of concrete blocks. Read on to find out.

Concrete materials are not very friendly to the environment. A lot of harmful toxins and emissions are produced during the construction process of an icicle-based house. To minimize your impact on the environment, you can invest in energy-efficient insulated concrete tiles that help trap heat within the structure. This will make you save up on electricity expenses.

You may want to build a house that is built with a compact design. This kind of construction has the potential to save up on construction cost because it uses fewer materials compared to other typical house construction designs. Compact designs are also more flexible compared to traditional housing types. They can be easily remodeled if you want to. The compact designs can easily adapt to changes in design, from conventional to contemporary designs. With this in mind, your house construction can still be cheap despite the fact that it has a compact design.

Another way to cut down on construction cost is to get hold of low cost housing materials. Like with the previous material mentioned, energy-efficient insulated concrete tiles are popular choices. These materials are more preferred by house owners who want to cut down on construction cost. Energy-efficient concrete tiles are easier to install and are also more durable when it comes to weathering. If you want to put in concrete slabs that have a lower density, you can use polystyrene.

To minimize your construction costs even further, you may want to hire contractors that can offer some low cost house construction ideas. There are contractors who can give you good advice on how you can construct your house at a cheaper price. You can get them for free if you know where to look.

You may also want to consider getting some low-cost housing ideas by visiting a local construction firm. Some local firms can provide you with good advice on what kind of house you should build. You can even ask them for help on how you can create an insulated concrete floor. The price of the project will then definitely be within your budget range.

Prefabricated materials such as lumber and steel are also available in many affordable price ranges. However, it is very important for you to ensure that you buy materials from reputable suppliers. The best suppliers can even give you discounts for your construction materials. With this, you can save more money and you can even have an easier time choosing the most ideal construction material that fits your needs.

If you want to save even more money, you can always choose to make everything yourself instead of hiring contractors. For example, you can create the framing of your house by using wood as your primary construction material. You can use wood to make the frame of your house and then install insulation and waterproofing materials on top of it. Once you finish up with the construction, you can seal the whole wooden floor with epoxy paint. And then, you can finish the staircase system with prefabricated stairs system that you can install easily on your own.

As long as you are aware of these techniques, you can have a low cost house construction at an affordable price. You just have to spend more time in searching for the best builders and contractors. And once you have found the perfect house construction company, you can ask them to build a prefabricated staircase system that will provide a safe and strong protection to your family.

Key Considerations For Good House Construction

In the coming decade, Pakistan will need to replace thousands of roads, create over a hundred dams, and upgrade infrastructure everywhere it can to meet the world’s latest demands. It’s an exciting time for Pakistani house construction. The low cost house construction market has opened up tremendously. Not only is there money to be made on big projects but smaller ones as well. Let’s take a closer look at a few of the exciting developments taking place right now.

A decade ago, building and house construction in Pakistan was not on anyone’s radar screen. However, with the recent economic downturn, authorities all across the country have become more aware of how crucial it is to keep their economy growing and stable. Now, they are frantically trying to find ways to make things better. The result is that low cost house construction is back on the agenda. A number of new construction projects are starting up each year.

The biggest development of them all is the canal project. It’s not just the largest construction project ever undertaken in Pakistan, but it also promises to lay an impressive amount of new bridges, tunnels, and railways. The result will be an impressive network of roads and railways crisscrossing the country. The main project of this sort, which is called The Canal, will be completed by2040.

Another major project of house construction in Pakistan is the replacement of bridges. This is a massive endeavor, involving eighty-five bridges and costing an estimated two billion dollars. The bridge project is being managed by the Pakistan Waterways Commission. The aim of the commission is to make sure that Pakistan’s bridges remain functional and in repair. The commission has been made responsible for the construction of the low cost house construction market. A major push towards this is underway at the national level.

Another major project of house construction is the construction of schools. These are the houses that will become the learning institutes of the future. There are two different types of schools: government-owned ones, and private ones. Government-owned institutions are the only ones permitted to set up primary and secondary schools.

Private houses are also being constructed. A few decades ago, these houses were built with bricks. But as time went by, they were converted into concrete houses. Nowadays, they are being constructed with modern materials. Their construction is going great strides, and most of these houses are being set up by local contractors.

Also, house construction is not just limited to construction sites. They can also take the form of refurbishment projects. Right now, they are primarily used as storage facilities for household items and offices. But they can also be transformed into any other type of remodeling project that will make homeowners look at their homes from a whole new perspective.

As the world looks forward to the great upcoming construction season in the coming years, more people are getting into the line of business. This is a good sign for the construction industry. With people getting more interested and getting actively involved in this, the need for qualified and experienced workers is soaring. It is also a sign that the need for more construction projects is on the rise as well. This means that prices for labor will gradually fall, making it possible for construction companies to add to their profit.

The cost of construction itself is a very important factor when it comes to house construction. This is one of the reasons why there is a continuous job growth. A project starts with the acquisition of land, and from here, the building process starts. When land costs are low, the house itself can be built at a much lower cost, but when land costs get high, the project becomes almost impossible.

To keep the cost of the house under control, the building process also has to be done on time. This means that there should be no delays in finishing a house. Delays mean that work won’t get done and then the cost of the project will shoot up. To avoid such a scenario, the contractor will have to ensure that he delivers the house on time.

Cost control is not just about controlling the money involved in a project. It is also about making sure that the money spent on house construction does not go to waste. To do this, the builder will need to check on all expenditures made for the project, and then make sure that they are not unnecessary. He will have to look into things like whether or not the materials used are highly priced or if he can find cheaper ones. This way, he will ensure that his house construction project will be within the limit of his financial resources.

Home Construction In Low Cost – Is This Really Possible?

Have you ever heard of Tamil nadu or kodambakkam? If not, this article will give you a brief idea about them. These are construction companies which are specialized in low-cost housing construction. Most of the people who are looking for an affordable home construction in Chennai are firstly looking for house per square foot which is affordable for them. So here is a little bit about the various phases of home construction at affordable prices.

First of all let us discuss about house design and construction. The low cost house construction in Chennai involves pre-fabricated building panels or modules which can be easily assembled without disturbing the existing structure. Most of the times these modular constructions are made up of wood, bricks, or concrete. However, most of the time the concrete blocks are used where as the wood or the blocks can be used for constructing a traditional or a heritage building.

Now comes the part of bricks house construction in Chennai. These modular constructions are considered to be the best low-budget house construction in Chennai. Here the units or the rooms are built upon adhering pre-constructed bricks. The best feature about these modular constructions is that the frame of the structure remains continuous even if it is placed upon the wood floor.

What are the advantages of using these modular houses? The main advantage is that the house does not require any kind of renovation or fix up. It can be repaired easily with any kind of damage and at cheaper rates. This makes it perfect for those who are looking for a simple and easy home construction at a cheap rate. So let us discuss the advantages of these constructions. Let us begin with the advantages of building a traditional or a traditional village house…

You can construct a village traditional or a low budget house in Chennai on any price range as per your needs. The units can be put up easily on any kind of terrain. As it has amazing classic style, you can build it up in a beautiful classic style like the traditional cottage or the bungalow style and even in the terrace style – the units are mostly built upon.

A traditional or a traditional village house in Chennai can be upgraded or renovated or even converted into an apartment by simply changing some of its units such as the drawing room floor area by enclosing it with bricks. You can also make changes like changing the color scheme of the walls and other accessories to give it a fresh look. In fact even you can convert the drawing room floor area into an office area or a dining area by just adding a new and attractive unit. But the major advantage of all such buildings is that they are cheap in terms of the material cost and construction cost incurred.

You will find builders providing you amazing designs in the packages they prepare for you and they quote the prices keeping all these points in mind. You can compare the prices and choose one that suits your budget in the best possible way. In fact, if you have seen the prices quoted by builders in the past then you would have an idea about the kind of services they provide and their ability to give you home construction at reasonable prices. It is better to get construction work done from a builder who has been working in the field for several years and has a good reputation. Also the companies should have a lot of experience in building houses of varying sizes. You can check out the portfolio of the company to verify this.

You will find that low cost house construction in Chennai is not only affordable but also gives you the kind of home that you desire for your requirements. For all these reasons a Chennai home construction is the most preferred choice for people. You will come across many different designs in the packages offered by builders and you can pick up one that will suit your requirements the best. The home will be constructed to your requirements, in accordance with your dreams and requirements and this will leave you satisfied. You can have home construction in Chennai for as low as zero hundred dollars per square foot, depending on the scale of the home construction you want.