Construction QualityGood
total construction in sq ft1,600 sq ft
total construction cost1,920,000 Rs
Construction Material Cost
Steel268,800 Rs
Cement249,600 Rs
Bricks172,800 Rs
Stone96,000 Rs
Sand96,000 Rs
Water19,200 Rs
Excavation76,800 Rs
Labour for concrete153,600 Rs
Design Fee (architect/ engineer )57,600 Rs
Shuttering & framework57,600 Rs
plumbing & Sanitation115,200 Rs
Electrical work96,000 Rs
Flooring96,000 Rs
Painting96,000 Rs
Boundery wall & main gate38,400 Rs
Other expances115,200 Rs

Single Story House Construction Cost

Single story house building is one of the simplest forms of construction and home designing in the present world. Single story home design has evolved from the traditional single story construction style to a more flexible multi-story design that offers the potential for flexibility. The multi-level home features many smaller units of living spaces than a single story house design. These smaller units are typically connected through the use of a common hallway or through an atrium that can be reached by all the units, regardless of where they are located inside the dwelling.

Gaj plot home design maps help the architect to determine the approximate cost of the project. Gaj plot home design maps are available online and are easy to use. The cost of the house design is determined by a variety of factors such as the number of rooms, floor plan area, roofing materials, tile type, exterior finishes, and other building features. When it comes to multi-level dwellings the cost of the house plan is less compared to single story house designs.

Gaj home design maps have many features such as the distance between the corners of the unit on the first level and the position of the building on the map. They also include the distance between the corners of the unit on the first level and the position of the building on the map. The building on the map house plan should be facing South, Western, and North with a maximum of 45 degrees to the wall. There is a minimum distance of 20 feet between the farthest corners of the unit in the first and the last floor levels. The maximum distance is still more than twenty-five feet.

A perfect example of a single story house plan is that of a two storey home or bungalow. A two storey home will always be a lot larger in size than the typical one-story bungalow. This is because of the fact that the typical bungalow has a single room or courtyard. A two storey house map design has to take into account the large rooms in the bungalow which have to be covered by the larger single story unit.

So the basic guideline for home drawing maps samples is that homes that have a two-storey structure like the bungalows and two storey homes or villas, need to have extra rooms built separately. In most cases, the extra rooms are built diagonally instead of horizontally. This means that the cost of the construction is higher than that of other types of single story house designs.

If the construction is done on the ground then it will cost less compared to a home construction plan that is done on the topography. This means that a three marla bungalow plan with a single story and additional rooms on the ground will cost less than building a new house map with the same number of rooms on the topography. The reason for this is that the contractor has to divide the ground and the additional rooms among the different levels properly. He also has to prepare the ground properly and install drainage to make it safe to build on the ground.

You can easily find the cost of the construction of bungalows and rooms in different packages depending on the size and the type of the home. It is important to know that these prices are accurate and you should compare the cost with the type of home. For example, the drawing house map 2 will cost more than the simple bungalow plan with additional rooms. If you are building a new home then it is important to look for a five Marla design or a square yard design online. These packages will give you complete information about the cost and the types of materials that are used for building the home.

A five Marla house plan map or a square yard plan is a good option if you are looking to buy a bungalow or a room in a bungalow. The price of a bungalow will depend on the type of home, its location, and many other factors. You may find out that a bungalow sold for over the expected price can be bought with ease. If you have a bungalow to buy, you can also look for other options like the Gaj Plot, which is not very expensive. There are many different types of bungalows available in the market, and it can sometimes be confusing to choose the right one for you.

The Home Construction Cost Factors You Should Know About

In the past ground floor house construction cost was considered to be the most expensive form of construction in the world. The reason for this was that the materials needed to be expensive and laborious to use. Modern ground floor houses are less labour intensive but still need careful planning and cost consideration.

In the past the single story construction was the most economical and efficient form of construction available. This is because the structural weight of the building and the number of stories it contained meant that the building would take a longer time to build, and the labor cost would be much higher. In today’s world a two-story building can take significantly less time to construct than it did in the past. The increase in the single story house construction cost has been that the materials and labor have become less costly and therefore have been lowered.

The concrete floors of the past are no longer used. They were very inflexible, difficult to handle and required the use of heavy machinery. Today, polystyrene is used as the base or bottom layer on the concrete floors of a house. This material is very durable and can withstand pressure to a certain degree. The floors are not only easier to handle, but they are also more sanitary because they do not harbor mold and bacteria.

As the construction cost of the house rises so does the number of floors that are required. Each floor contains one concrete slab. Each floor also contains padding that adds structural integrity to the structure. The number of floors has been increased, because it takes longer to build the house and add additional floors. Also, when designing a house with more floors it costs less per floor because there are fewer corners that have to be cut into the house to accommodate the extra floors.

When a home is being built the contractor will also add structural support to the home. They do this by putting beams in the ground to reinforce the building. Extra beams are also put into the ground to help support the home after it has been built. All of these cost factors must be considered when designing a home and adding any features such as a pool or a putting green to increase living space.


In addition to the above ground floor house construction cost there is also the option of adding a home gym. If a family is active and has a need for additional space then the addition of a home gym will make life a little easier. Some gyms will also include a room where people can work out and store their bikes. Adding a home gym is also beneficial because it increases the value of the home. Having a home gym in addition to an addition makes it easier for active adults to exercise in comfort.

Other cost considerations include adding a home theatre system. The amount of money that can be spent on adding a home theatre system depends on the size of the home and the style and design of the theatre. Most houses that are constructed with large screen televisions will also have surround sound. Another option is a home cinema system, but many households decide to keep the theatre inside instead of putting it in their homes.

The addition of a pool, whether it be in the backyard or on the front lawn, can be extremely costly. These types of changes should only be made if the homeowner anticipates that they will be entertaining on occasion. Swimming pools are usually added to homes that have swimming pools, and home construction companies will know exactly what type of pool will fit the home and house construction budget. Making the decision to add a pool to the home is a big one, but it can also be one of the most beneficial decisions a homeowner can make.

Ground Floor House Construction Cost

Ground floor house construction is not that expensive in India despite the fact that the number of foreign tourists is on a rise. So, are ground floor house construction cost figures driven by the number of foreign tourists? Not necessarily. Construction cost per unit depends upon the raw material used, labor force employed, and other factors. Let us see how it would impact the ground floor house construction cost in India. The factors that need to be considered are as follows:

Number of floors: More floors will mean more construction cost. There are multiple floors when we talk of a multiple storey building. Constructions will become more expensive for each floor because of the added work involved in each floor. This factor also implies that the number of floors should be kept small.

Floor type: There are different types of floors that need to be constructed. The concrete or masonry floor construction cost per unit is higher for these types of floors. Also, the weight of the heavy loads needs to be considered. For example, a single storey house would need less labor force but with multiple storeys; the additional burden is increased.

Type of construction: This is another important factor that has to be considered. The construction cost is affected by the material, labor, and skill of the workers. These factors are interrelated. The material cost per unit is higher for the cement wall construction. And again, the weight of the loads is a factor that needs to be considered when we discuss the multiple storey building.

Type of concrete used for construction: Different concrete types have different effects on the building construction cost. Naturally, the more durable the concrete, the cheaper it gets. Also, the number of floors is directly proportional to the cost. Concrete walls have a considerable higher cost. But it is also long lasting and ideal for small rooms.

Number of stories in the house: The number of stories in a house directly affects the floor type. One large story houses would require a concrete floor. The same applies to two-story homes. The concrete floor can be built up to the first floor. However, if you want to go up to three stories, the use of timber or bricks are recommended.

Types of windows and doors: This factor is one of the main determinants of the floor house construction cost. The more windows and doors there are, the cheaper the construction cost will be. Of course, the size of the windows and doors has to be considered as well. For instance, a large double door window will naturally require a larger opening. Hence, it will require more concrete. Again, this has to be compared with other types of construction costs.

Other factors such as drainage system, lighting and ventilation will have to be considered as well. Remember that these are not the only things that affect the building’s cost. The location of the building has to be taken into consideration as well. That means, you will also need to study the building’s zoning, if any.

Size and purpose: When considering the ground floor house construction cost, consider the exact purpose of the building. If the building is to be used as an office, for example, then you will certainly want a large area. Otherwise, you may consider a smaller room in your home. You will have to include the cost of the floors as well as the wall and ceiling if the purpose is to cover the room.

Durability: It is very important to consider the durability of the concrete floor. The type of floor chosen is very important. For example, a cement floor will last longer than wood or stone, but it is not very durable. Therefore, this has to be carefully studied.

Exterior finish: All materials should be treated with an exterior finish. This has to include painting, staining, and sealing. Some places will have better conditions than others, so you must choose the place wisely.

There are some things that you can do to help lower the ground floor house construction cost. First of all, the location should be carefully chosen. It should be where you are likely to have people frequent. This way, the construction cost is less. Also, you should choose a building site with a lot of space. Finally, you should be prepared to make changes to accommodate the construction cost.